Quasar Ltd. Uses Electronics, Mechanics and  Software Development Technology. To Design, Prototype and Build Bespoke Electro-Mechanical Devices

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Company Ethos

Quasar Ltd - Innovation and Design

Quasar Ltd


As part of an iterative design process the production of prototypes allows the complete device to be evaluated for;

Having a physical embodiment of the product enables it to be more readily appraised and evaluated for value.

A prototype also allows investors and manufacturers to more readily comprehend the product

Concept/Prototype Production

Quasar Ltd is able to call upon a diverse set of fabrication skills, using in-house capabilities of  freehand sketching / 3D CAD design or geometric 2D machining, 3D CNC or 3D printing, workshop fabrication, electronic design and smd  circuit boards.

Small/Medium Production Runs

Depending on number and complexity of the design, small to medium production can be carried out in-house or using trusted third party fabrication facilitiies.