Quasar Ltd. Uses Electronics, Mechanics and  Software Development Technology. To Design, Prototype and Build Bespoke Electro-Mechanical Devices

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Company Ethos

Quasar Ltd - Innovation and Design

Quasar Ltd

Circuit Design

From concept via prototype to final design. Capability includes microcontroller, serial communications (wire/radio/line of signt connections)


Breadboarding, veroboarding, circuit boarding.

Proof of circuit design, proof of operation, testing, variant comparison testing, component endurance testing.


Circuit Design, Prototyping, Microcontroller (including embedded programming), Circuit Board Design  and Production.

Circuit Boards

Design, prototyping, production. Through hole and surface mounted components.

Designs including R/F moderation, thermal consideration, power consumption, operational environment, and  critical operation reliability.

Analogue and Digital

From discrete components to ICs and Microcontrollers. With circuits incorporating sensors to controlling actuators/motors etc.

Microcontroller Technology and Embedded Programming

From prototyping using development boards and breadboards, to production development. Quasar Ltd are able to take a product through the whole of the development cycle.

Embedded programming in C++ or Assembler