Quasar Ltd. Uses Microprocessors, Electronics  Technology, Design and Education to help make a small but positive  difference in the lives of many people.

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Company Ethos

Quasar Ltd - Innovation and Design

Quasar Ltd

Quasar Ltd, founded in 2013, to design, develop and produce marketable products for sport.

Starting from a single idea for a new product, Quasar Ltd was established to develop, design and manufacture that product.

In doing so we have had to acquire necessary experience and skills over a wide portfolio, from project management, accounting, concept assessment, design, prototyping, market evaluation, development, and manufacturing.

Think Big

But include the detail

John Filer

 Owner and C.E.O.

From leaving college qualified in electronics as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer, John has spent the majority of his working career in writing and developing software.

With a number of high profile projects behind him, he left software development in 2010 to pursue other career opportunities.

In 2013 he set up Quasar Ltd, a long held dream.

Customer confidence sells our products.

For long term success, our customers need confidence in us and our products. Providing quality products at affordable prices ensures our success.

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